Asia: Where dogs eat rice for dinner (a guest blog by Zarese).


Beautiful Tribute to Robin Williams R.I.P. 1951-2014 – YouTube

Thanks to the worldwide coverage of the internet we can still organise audio jobs for our clients in Australia despite me being in Laos. Technology makes remote offices work !

I was happy to contribute my voiceover to this important project for the movie component through my valued clients Scharp –

Kari Loya – American Male English/Spanish voiceover artist.

Matt Cowlrick – Australian Male voiceover artist.

Snjezana Udovicic – Serbian Female voiceover artist.

Alberto Spano – French Male voiceover artist.

Kelly Klemolin – American Female voiceover artist

Odette Joannidis – Australian Female voiceover artist.

Jane Drinkwater – Australian Female voiceover artist.

Nadine Fattelay – French Female voiceover artist.

Megui Cabrera – Spanish Female voiceover artist.

Can Koray – Turkish Male voiceover artist.

Bernardo Tan – Chinese Male voiceover artist.

Jason Grey records Azzurra resort promo script for Film Cartel

Jane Drinkwater records script for Telstra Video Collaboration for Eclipse Group

David Kersten records 10 minute and 4 minute video scripts for Oryx

Odette Joannidis, Matt Cowlrick, Melissa Collins and Paul Seidel record Telstra Next G internet script for Eclipse group

Astrid Wells records “Ethics” scripts for Nine Lanterns

Tony Natt-Lawson records Blue Ant Wireless video scripts

Kris Marks records regular Porters scripts for Channel Seven Mackay via Out of The Blue Marketing

Melissa Collins records voiceover on hold scripts for City Cabs